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Dhaka International

Dhaka International was established in 2017 registering itself with the ministry of Labor & manpower development . Govt. of the Peoples republic of Bangladesh and secured license to trade in Manpower export from Bangladesh. The Company being fully aware of modern requirement of the trade in the face international competition. It has been organized with adequate infrastructural facilities to meet and satisfy the requirement of the international employers.


Our Services

Over the years, facilities have been carefully built up and consolidated for selection and mobilization of human resources on a ‘one stop center’ basis. From candidate selection to medical examination to travel service, Dhaka International has it all covered.



Dhaka International Technical Training Institute is Government registered and enlisted with Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The institute provides various training to develop the skills and language proficiency. The institute also trains according to specific requirement of employer upon special request.


International Health Centre (IHC) has been set-up to conduct medical fitness test to the candidates. The centre is well equipped with qualified doctors, pathologists and modern machineries. IHC is authorized by the government of GCC, Malaysia, Brunei and Jordan.


The art of ticketing and reservation is a technical task and it demands professional skills to make journey free from all kinds of worries. "Dhaka International Aviation Ltd' the first ISO certified Travel Agency in Bangladesh. It is also an IATA approved.

Dhaka International DATA BANK

Dhaka International stores information of thousands of workers-skilled, unskilled and professionals, and keep on updating the status on continuous basis.


Dhaka International has its permanent representations in U. A. E. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Libya Qatar and South Korea.


Dhaka International" has its branch offices in all the major cities of Bangladesh and operates through a network of Agents and Representatives.


Our overseas representatives provide post employment service to our workers abroad in consultation with the employers, as and when required.

Workers Categories